Children are our most precious gift. They are a source of great joy and are hope for our future. Throughout their school years, children spend eight or more hours a day away from home. During that time, they develop their own attitudes and beliefs while laying the foundation on which the rest of their lives are built.

Everyday our children are exposed to influences that challenge the traditional values, morals, and beliefs that we hold dear. Catholic schools serve to surround our children with a community of friends- an extended family reinforcing what we teach at home.

Catholic schools are recognized nationwide for academic quality. This high quality is achieved within a context where students learn and experience the Catholic faith as part of everyday school life. A Catholic education provides a solid foundation for success.

Since its inception BCCSET has been able to help financially support catholic
education in Benton County with contributions of over $700,000. This has been possible because of the generosity of many throughout the years.

Please prayerfully consider financially supporting high quality catholic education
in Benton County for today and future generations of Benton County children.