A letter from the Chairman:

The Benton County Catholic School Educational Trust was established in 1993 by a caring group of faith filled Catholic leaders. The purpose was to establish an ever-lasting trust to continually provide, foster, and support Catholic Education in Benton County. The mission of the trust is to annually provide monetary assistance to Sacred Heart School and to our Benton County Catholic Parish CCD programs. Truly perpetual in nature this trust differs greatly from other causes in the fact that all monetary gifts provide an everlasting support to the mission. Honorably, the BCCSET trust keeps on giving and giving.

Our ambition is to increase the caring and thoughtful community donations to the BCCSET Trust. An overall increase in these contributions will have both a solid impact and dramatic results on the ability to sustain Catholic Education at Sacred Heart as well as CCD programs for all of our County Parishes.

We politely and respectively ask that you might contribute toward this mission. You may provide gifts in honor as lasting memorials for friends or for your loved ones who have passed. Donors who contribute to the Benton County Catholic School Educational Trust are eligible for an annual tax deduction. All Organizations, Corporations, Companies, Groups, Societies or any Individual Taxpayer may participate.

We thank you for your past contributions and your future consideration.

Respectively submitted,
Brian M. McDaniel / Chairman
BCCSET Board of Trustees
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